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2023-2024 Retail Catalog

Welcome to the 2023-2024 catalog!
I’m sitting down to write this year’s introduction and it just occurred to me this will be the 29th introduction I have done for the catalog. Wow!!! Time really does fly, I am remembering all the personal and world events I have covered in this short little letter over the years. There are many positive events we have covered and a few challenging ones. We have survived illnesses individually, a global pandemic, record weather events across the country, the passing of many friends and family (family includes our companions in the animal world), as well as many changes to our operation and business. Many of you have been with us the whole way. We sincerely appreciate all of your loyalty and support through the good times and the bad over these past three decades.

A note on shipping costs: Over the last few years, the cost of shipping has gone up to the point where, on certain orders, we are losing money on the transaction. Because of this, we are having to place a surcharge on our larger material. We regret having to do this, but we don’t have a choice if we hope to continue shipping these larger plants. We are choosing this option so our local customers will not be penalized for the higher shipping rates. Most of the time, you will receive larger plants from us than you would from similar nurseries; and we have always taken great pride in that. However, because of this, our boxes are large and this means we are paying for the size as much as the weight with UPS. What we have decided is to assess a $20 surcharge on plants requiring the larger boxes we use for shipping. We apologize for this change, however we see it as the only way to continue to offer larger material to you the consumer. Thanks for your continued support and understanding.